I am usually not someone to send feedback on an experience, unless that experience was well beyond my expectations. I saw an ad for smilecanada.ca and followed the link. I can say without doubt that my visit to Dr Weiss' offices was without doubt my best experience in a dentist's office. From the receptionist, to the hygenist to Dr Weiss himself, at all times I felt that this was a group of professionals who were passionate about their work. Everyone was smilling, courteous and knowledgeable. Their facilities are immaculate, each office uses state of the art technology, and of course there is no replication for excellent work. Dr Weiss told me he only hires the best, and believe me my appointment was handled by the best. Although the office does much more than just cleaning (they do just about everything), I felt no pressure to invest more than I came in for, but walked out knowing I would be back. I wish someone had told me 25 years ago that this is what everyone's experience at a dentist's office should be! Like I said the best experience in a dentist's office ever. Thanks smilecanada!

~ V.S. Toronto
I have to confess, I hate going to a dentist. But after I viewed your ad on TV, I contacted a dentist near my house. I have since visited him. I was completely relaxed during the appointment, and have to say that my anxiety has now completely disappeared. For those who have such fears, take a deep breath... Technology and training has made visits like mine super friendly. Thank you Smile Canada!

~ Roger R